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Configuring and Customizing AROMA Installer
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Configuring and Customizing AROMA Installer
AROMA Installer can be configured and customized as you like, there is so many features and functions you can used to implemented many things. In this manual, we will learn all the features and functions in  technical ways and can be implemented directly in configuration for practice, or production.

AROMA Installer Zip Directory Structures

AROMA Installer use standard ClockWorkMod zip Installer structures. All configurations will be placed in META-INF Folder in zip contents. Here the example directory structure for AROMA Installer:
All AROMA Installer files, should be placed in META-INF/com/google/android/. There is 2 Binary files, and 2 Script/configuration files, and 1 resources folder.
  • aroma – Aroma Assets/Resource folder, It contains custom files, like png fonts, png icons, png splash images, text file for changelogs or agreement/license.
  • aroma-config – It was main AROMA Installer configuration script. This configuration was the one that supported AROMA Installer functions like Wizard UI's, Installer UI, Dialog UI, get and set variables, etc. This script wrote on Edify Script Sintax (See next chapter). This script not supported functions to manipulate system files/extract files and other installing method. It's only configuration to prepared all needed data for updater-script.
  • update-binary – It was AROMA Installer Executable, the compiled program wrote by me in C, and it was the program that show User Interface.
  • update-binary-installer – It was old update-binary (renamed to update-binary-installer), will be runs on Installer UI when the installer need to flash/install/extract files from zip to the phone.
  • updater-script – It was old edify format to start copying/install/extract files from zip to the phone. It will only support old functions that supported by update-binary-installer, but can read prop files created by AROMA Installer.

AROMA Installer Assets Directory

AROMA Installer use others files to show the interfaces, The Interfaces like windows, dialog, title, rounded rectangle and simple drawing was implemented by executable used compositing colors configurations, but for others drawing like text and icons, AROMA Installer will read zip contents in this asset directory.
The minimum requirements in this assets directory was png fonts files (big and small). It placed in fonts directory, an Icons can be placed in any directory of aroma assets, but for cleaner locations, it recommended to placed all icons in icons directory, And there is some default icons like alert.png, install.png and info.png that should be placed in this directory, because the installer executable was hardcoded icons locations like icons/alert.png for confirmation, icons/install.png for about dialog.
All splash and text files can be placed in anywhere but inside this assets directory. Example when you want to read text file into variable, use:
setvar("changelogs",readfile_aroma("changelogs.txt")); it will find META-INF/com/google/android/aroma/changelogs.txt.
By : Ahmad Amarullah source on 24 Jan 2012 - 14:12
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Edify Script in AROMA Installer

24 Jan 2012 - 14:12 · Edify Script was simple script sintax to configure the behavior of binaries executable. In AROMA Installer, there is 2 edify script in the META-INF/com/google/android folder. The aroma-config and updater-script. Both files has it own use, and accessed by different binary executable.

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