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In my marry aniversary ( January 24 - 2012 ). I am very proud to release into public the It was my personal website to showcase my products, portofolio, freeware and others interest and personal stuff.
This site will targeted in Mobile Development and Programming (Web, GUI, Mobile). I also will release all my free software in this website.
Back in previous 2 years I closed the e-natives technology due by too many works to do and can't afford to maintain it. But now I'll back in new fresh website with my own brand name...
Currently I don't have any windows mobile anymore, so I can't developing another interesting software for windows mobile again like SmartToolkit or e-Natives Showcase. But now I had beloved Android Device, my first project in this website will be AROMA Installer - The world first and the only touch screen and customizable ROM Installer.
Love to see whats will going on in this website...
Ahmad Amarullah
President of
By : Ahmad Amarullah source on 24 Jan 2012 - 12:59
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